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-8/22: "acclimation" minkey (pg-13)
-8/22: "nemesism" jonghyun

acclimation - minkey

~9.4k words, modern supernatural au, fluff

side jongyu, continuation of this prompt

Kibum meets a werewolf on the bus and they’re kind of a perfect match. Kibum falls (in multiple ways) without even noticing it. But maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe.

hi guys! this is just a really quick update with something I’ve had kind of done for a month. I was saving it for this moment because I knew I’d be busy; I really wanted to post a jongtae I’ve been working on today but it totally just got way longer so that may be another week or so. I’m so sorry for the inactivity but yeah I’m swamped right now. also I apologize for any pacing issues/typos because my beta is also starting school and I didn’t want to bug her uwu

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Nemesism - Jonghyun

Hi, guys. Welcome to a story that was supposed to be done a year ago. 

I initially started this story as a kind of cathartic thing? Which is why it has a definite trigger warning attached for an eating disorder. I then attempted to adapt it for angst wars last year, but never finished it. Recently, I reopened it for nostalgia’s sake and hated the angst war ending, changed quite a bit, and even finished it. This was emotionally draining for me to write, because I’ve lived through some of this. It was also really hard, because I’ve never really ever operated from the perspective of the main girl in the story. 

If you find yourself or any of your experiences in this story (or even if you don’t, even if you just want to talk to me about it), please don’t hesitate to contact me. You’re not alone.


They say a lot of things, and you should have probably listened.


They say that weddings are supposed to be the happiest times in couples’ lives. But all of that is preceded by the stress and rigor of actually putting the wedding together, and so, it’s like a balancing of the scales. You enter into your honeymoon with a slate wiped clean, a new life ahead of you. 

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[STREAM ] SHINee MINHO ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’140822 -

Credit: realjonghyun90 youtube

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[STREAM] TAEMIN ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ 140822


3/ photos of Lee Jinki.

I was tagged uwu

by the lovely minhosnoona and taemineko! thank you guys!

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I tag… amysaysahh, tokkitokkitae, bluelightningxiii, petitesheep, unbirthdaysong, jongtaetho, internetangstar, and whoever else wants to really. if you’ve already been tagged or just don’t want to do it i’m sorry and also please don’t feel obligated to do it uwu


@mbcbluenight: 2014 08 21 푸른밤 종현입니다 200일 됐습니다 숫자는 중요하지 않아요 여러분이 곁에 계시다는 게 더 중요하죠♡

“2014 08 21 Blue Night, I’m Jonghyun. It’s been 200 days. Numbers aren’t important. Everyone being beside me is more important♡”

Anonymous whispered: Minho got nominated by 4 people to that ice bucket challenge

hahaha, yes! he has to do it now. poor baby though he hates the cold i’m going to be in pain for him he’s gonna shiver so much ;-;

Anonymous whispered: Yup spreading awareness is great and I'm sure they as well as many fans will donate and lord seeing them wet and all will be suuuuch a nice bonus *^*

yes! uwu

(side note: jonghyun feeling up jonghyun’s chest (probably to rub ice all over him ahem) was very nice and i now require more 2jjong interaction)

140822 Jonghyun twitter update

@realjonghyun90: 140822 SHINee JONGHYUN + CNBLUE JONGHYUN ‘Ice Buc…: http://youtu.be/te9fawLlkTY

얼음물이 절 감쌀때 전 그 어느때보다 따뜻함을 느꼈습니다
행동으로 함께할때 알수있는 것들이 있죠

When the ice water covered me, I felt a warmness more than ever before.
It’s something that can be known when we do things together through action.

@realjonghyun90: 사실 이수만선생님 박진영선배님 양현석선배님을 지목하고싶었지만…
세상의 모든 종현이들이 함께하길 바라는 마음에
모델 홍종현씨와 틴탑의 종현씨 뉴이스트의 종현씨를 지목했다…
종현이들은 다 착하고 잘생긴거같다

I actually wanted to tag Teacher Lee Sooman, Park Jinyoung sunbaenim, and Yang Hyunsuk sunbaenim, but…
with the hope that all the Jonghyuns in the world can do it with us,
I tag model Hong Jonghyun, Teen Top’s Jonghyun (Changjo), and Nu’est’s Jonghyun (JR)…
I think all Jonghyuns are nice and handsome

@realjonghyun90: 너 같은친구를 둬서 참 감사함 이종현

I’m really thankful to have a friend like you, Lee Jonghyun

Translation credit @shiningtweets

Anonymous whispered: To that anon: almost all idols use make-up. A Rainbow member said it once, but you still can see who has defined muscles and who don't. Taemin is not 2012!Jjong or 2PM ripped, but he's still well toned. You can see the pecs are definitely real and he has some slight ab definition too. Anyway, 3 weeks is too little to built muscle, more like 3 months to see real definition.

I agree! very well said uwu

Anonymous whispered: Seems like both Jjongie and Minho got challenged to do the ice bucket thingy too and jfc I want them aaaaall to do it and to challenge Bummie and Jinki too I'm really emotional about this

I’m excited, yes! But I’m pretty sure Key was nominated, as well! And I heard that it wouldn’t be good for Jinki to do the ALS challenge because the cold water could shock his vocal folds, or something. 

But while we’re all really excited to see our idols do it let’s not forget the meaning behind the challenge! Let’s all help raise awareness for ALS and if anyone can donate, that’d be wonderful. It’s a completely consuming, horrible disease and spreading the word about it and making it known is a really big deal. c:

how music show rankings work


I’ve been seeing some confusion about music shows, and since I the guide I wrote last year is outdated now, which is something to keep in mind - music shows are constantly changing how they do things to keep up with the times, I figured I should butt in again

music show rankings generally work like this

  • there’s a total number of possible points. let’s say 11000. this is different from show to show
  • there’s a breakdown of that 11000 possible points into different categories i.e. 6000 for digital sales, 3500 for sns 500 for preshow voting 1000 for live viewer voting etc. this is different from show to show
  • in those categories artists are ranked. i.e. in digital sales the artist with the most sales will be ranked 1st, which means they get the the full 6500 points. the artist ranked second will have less than 6500 points, third will get less than second and so on.
  • the first place nominees are the two or three artists with the highest total 
  • it is possible to get less than full points in all categories or even a 0 in a small category and still win #1
  • we don’t want to leave it up to a possibility that Taemin will win

So please watch the MV and vote!