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-8/29: "ace" jongtae (nc-17)
-8/29: "craic" taemin

wolfgirl1021 replied to your post “Can I have a link to your jonghyun demon fic please? :)”

I hope u updatee soon i loveee this fic ❤️❤️❤️����������☺️

ah i will try! i don’t really have a lot of motivation for it and don’t have enough time to write as is but i will try uwu

Anonymous whispered: Hahahah... Oh pls.. It's alright.. It's just a comment on how I love it.. Your other stories are just as awesome & I love reading them too.. Maybe EMM just has a familiar feeling for me? 😌 I've read almost evrything.. What's your fav out of all you've written ? Thank you for taking your time & letting, sharing your talent for all of us to read.. 😘😘

aww, thank you! 

i think my fave, scenario-wise, would be lethe (which I’ve finished but am saving for another day) or cant, feuillemort, obverse, nemesism, vim, litost, deliquesce, one called lagom that I haven’t finished yet, and evanescent. that’s a lot. I can’t pick faves. 

fic-wise, it’d be ace, “dear minho,” acclimation, and two that are in progress - daylighters and off to the races.

once again, thank you so much for all your kind words! c:

Anonymous whispered: Can I have a link to your jonghyun demon fic please? :)

sure! it’s called descensum and it’s on my masterlist, unfinished so far. but there are two parts and here it is

Anonymous whispered: Wow you've convinced me to apply there. I was considering colleges in California but it's so far :( I'll probably end up in state or somewhere in the south. Idk I'm kinda getting stressed thinking of schools and what I want to do. I'm still a junior but everyone says I should start thinking

it’s definitely a good idea to get some ideas going in your head of where you’d like to apply! and if you ever want a tour of Hendrix, it’d be my pleasure! 

California schools are very high caliber and very impressive, for sure. If you’re not worried about being too far from home, then it’ll be fine, but yeah. They’re pretty big typically unless you find a smaller liberal arts school, but if you go to any uc/csu there’s always the threat of being thrown under the bus by shitty state government budgeting, though that’s only a small risk

if I’d recommend any in Cali, it’d be UC Davis. That’s the other school I was considering, and if you don’t mind big schools, it’d be really nice. The other issue with most UC’s is that you have to go in with a set major (if you apply as undecided some just don’t accept it it sucks) and some don’t let you switch. the system is kinda bullshitty that way. if they don’t have room in the major you want, too, they’ll either default you to undecided or not accept you even if they would accept you in any free major. 

total bs tbh 

stanford is great (definitely not nurturing, tho, if that’s what you’d like - it’s very competitive and cutthroat from what I’ve seen/heard). there aren’t many liberal arts schools that aren’t religious or anything (if you’re looking for religious though I could recommend a few). I feel like cali schools are very overhyped, tho. so if you’re not sure about them because of the distance, don’t worry about it! 

Anonymous whispered: Hi , I'm the same anon . On a mission to finish all your scenarios today. Just curious at the ending of Droll , do both of them survive or does the baby die ?

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Anonymous whispered: What made you want to return to ar? Well besides Hendrix being an awesome school :)

It was mostly for the school, really! I like Arkansas, it’s very pretty. But it was between Hendrix and a giant California UC school and i just knew that I’d never be able to handle the size of the CA school. It’s hard for me to make friends as it is and being thrown in the mix with 30,000 people? not my thing. It was a great school, though. I just worried about my own mental health there.

Hendrix was the perfect blend of academics and personalization. Seriously. They’re willing to work with you for just about anything - major projects, majors (if they don’t have what you want you can literally design your own major), opportunities, etc. Everyone’s so kind here it’s so refreshing and nice. The people are all very like-minded, open-minded, etc. It’s just a great atmosphere. I’ve already made lots of friends here.

Anonymous whispered: You're older than I am, but I feel so proud of you and the fact that you're in college right now makes me so happy and idk I'm weird as heck but you're perrrrrrffffeeeect

you’re so sweet oh my gosh ;___; I’m hardly perfect. thank you, though. I’ll do my best to make you even more proud. <3

Anonymous whispered: yeah, it's a really toxic place and it's funny they called tae stans pressed and overreacting stans when they themselves get super mad over really stupid things.

ugh. yeah, i definitely don’t like it already. 

Anonymous whispered: I'll probably apply next year! I'm kinda skeptical because it's in state and I kinda want to leave AR. Are you from AR or out of stae

I’m from California! But my family is from Arkansas originally, so that’s how I knew about Hendrix ^^

I definitely understand wanting to go out of state, though!

2jonghyuns (kim+lee) doing ice bucket challenge!

Anonymous whispered: I thought so. I'm considering Hendrix yet it seems very expensive. I've also heard the work load is intense

Ahh, gotcha. It is very expensive but they pretty much always give financial aid (very generously, too)

And you’ll definitely be very busy if you go here, but it’s seriously such a great place I am having so much fun. The people here are so amazing.

It’s definitely worth applying to, even if you don’t end up going! Plus, the admissions staff is really awesome and they sent us all candy last year, hehe.

Anonymous whispered: Wait do you go to college in AR? Because wow I've never seen anyone living so close to me :)

Yep! I go to Hendrix College c:

Anonymous whispered: Yeah, some ppl were saying he looked 50 y/o with all the make-up, like wtf. I've never seen a 50 y/o looking like Taemin. But the worse where the puking gifs and ppl saying he has a gross face, and if someone tried to defend him, they'd say you're overreacting and that ur a pressed stan that doesn't admit other ppl's opinions. Except that's not an opinion and just plain bashing? Tae stans should never go to that gross site (omonatheydidnt).

I have never heard of omonaytheydidnt being anything good, wow. I’ve never personally browsed it, but everyone’s always telling me how toxic of a place it is.