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-10/18: "lethe" minho (feat. onew) part two
-10/10: "lethe" minho (feat. onew) part one

Too muich to handle

pikaapiprincess whispered: Second chapter is amazing! I've been checking your blog religiously waiting with excitement. So happy it's here ♡ Amazing as usual ♡ Now the anticipation begins for chapter 3 ♡

oh my gosh, you’re wonderful. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to respond to this! I really needed to hear it, though. <3 I can’t wait to post part 3!


141018 taemin - SMTown in Shanghai

Anonymous whispered: Hi I think you're wonderful and I hope you have a lovely day x

Thank you, lovely! You’re wonderful and you deserve a great day, as well.

Anonymous whispered: Oh my god Caroline, when Minho said "Can we die like this?" something cracked. I love Lethe, along with all your other writing but Lethe makes me heavy inside. Thank you for sharing your work with us

Oh my gosh, I love when people quote in comments. You’re lovely. Thank you so much! In so glad you like it!!!

Anonymous whispered: OMGGG LETHE PART TWO!! You just made my day! It's fab! Thank you! :)

I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you, love!

Lethe - Minho feat. Onew (part two)

Hello my lovely readers! I’m back with another exciting installment of Lethe. I’ve gotten a lot of support from the last chapter. A couple of people have asked me about what’s going on in the plot, too - don’t worry! It will all be revealed. A lot in this part, too. 

I hope you all continue to enjoy. 



part one / part two / part three / part four / part five

It hits you like a ton of bricks, your past and your future. 


In late 2015 in Seoul, South Korea, there were two medical companies vying for command of the free market.

The first of these two companies was the largest at that time – the reigning medical manufacturer and research company that pretty much took care of everything and anything that any hospitals or private practices needed. Samsung. They’d come to power ages past in various and sundry technological items, but made a giant push into the medical market later on in their run. And that’s where they were in 2015, coming out with advanced monitors and cures for diseases that no one ever thought could be treated.

The second company was much smaller, a dark horse kind of thing. They were focused purely in the medical field and were apparently working towards advancements in stem sell research and the like. SM Global Manufacturers – that was their official name, at least back then. 

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a little bl fanart
yaoispace commission

steel-city-kpop whispered: Hello! We are a new blog dedicated to connecting K-pop fans who live in the area of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (USA) and were wondering if you would mind giving us a shout-out! Thank you so very, very much! -The Steel City Kpop Crew

that’s awesome! consider yourself shouted out~ if anyone here is from Pittsburgh (or you know someone from the area), check this blog out!

Anonymous whispered: When are you going to update Revenant or Descensum? They're so freakn' beautiful and addicting I can't even!!!!!!!!

When I have the time and motivation to sit down and write them. ^^

Thank you so much!

Jonghyun’s twitter update 14 / 10 / 17
@realjonghyun90: “I get goosebumps imagining the future wherein i’ll go meet the family and introduce myself as “hi! i’m bling bling jonghyun! bbuing~  >_<v” - marriage disaster

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